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Mob City

Mob City was a  limited series on TNT. It is set in 1947 Los Angeles.  Major characters include William Parker, who later became Police Chef, Bugsy Siegel, and Mickey Cohen.  Fictional characters are also included.

It is good.  It should be in black and white. However, it does look good and some of the cast does well. Simon Pegg is surprisingly good in his guest staring role. The actor playing Mickey Cohen (Jeremy Luke) was also pretty good.

There are various plot lines that overlap. The LAPD is out to get Bugsy Siegel and his associates.  Some people in the department are concerned with the corruption in the department.

Apparently there will not be a follow up season.  The show did end on a cliffhanger.


The pilot of Selfie is available on Hulu.  It is interesting but seems to have a limited potential arc. It is inspired by My Fair Lady. It is good to see John Cho and Karen Gillan is likable.  Well, not at first.

Okay, here is the premise Gillan’s Eliza is obsessed with social media. After a humiliating event on a plane, Eliza thinks it is time for a change.  She works at the same company as Cho’s Henry, the firm’s marketing expert. She asks Henry to help her.

Henry might need some work on himself.  He is a bit bitter it seems. He says that he is old or at least complains about the younger generation. If Cho is old, I am ancient.

This could be fun.

Movie thoughts 8-22-2014

I have no interest in Sin City a Dame to Kill For.  I have not seen the original Sin City in years and I don’t feel like re-watching it anytime soon. I think the new Sin City might look good but probably nothing special.

I don’t feel interested in Zoe Kazan and Daniel Radcliffe’s romantic comedy.  I don’t know why I am not interested.  The trailer is not bad but it seems weird to see Radcliffe as anyone than Harry Potter.

Maybe I need a few weekends off from going to the movie theaters. Or maybe just there is nothing that I want to see right now. Maybe there will be some interesting movies in the next few weeks.

Shane Black was hired to direct the Destroyer. That could be fun. I don’t know if this affects his job directing Doc Savage.  I had not heard anything about Doc Savage in a while.

Bradley Cooper is going to be Mack Bolan.  Mack Bolan is the inspiration for the Punisher and it seems interesting that Bolan is coming to the big screen.  The Punisher never really was a hit on the big screen.

Well, this was good. This is a long awaited project from writer Grant Morrison and a team of artists. This is the first issue and it starts off well.

A team of superheroes from parallel worlds is assembled to face an unknown threat. That sounds familiar. One of those heroes is Captain Carrot.  Another is the black Superman from Earth 23, who is also the President.

The art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado is amazing. Captain Carrot looks neat. The monsters are weird. I am not sure if Bloodwynd and Gypsy were drawn just to be be Easter eggs or if they will feature in the story.

The script is interesting. At times it breaks the fourth wall. Interest is built and at times this seems like Crisis on Infinite Earths. The choice of the cast is interesting too.

Divergent re-watched

Divergent holds up on rewatching.  However there are still a things that strike me as a bit odd about the movie.  These things are not enought to make the movie bad. The movie didn’t improve on re-watching.

Shailene Woodley star as Triss.  She lives in a near future where society is divided into four factions. People are tested to see which faction they should join but they can still chose.

Triss is Divergent, the test results were inconclusive. She comes from the Abegnation, the selfless, and choses Duantles, the brave,s as her new faction. A lot of the movie involves her training for her new faction.

It is a good movie. Hoever the Dauntless seem more crazy than brave at times. Also it was still a bit odd to see Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller as enemies, after they were boyfriend and girlfriend in the Spectactular Now. It probably didn’t help to have the trailer for the Spectactular Now on the DVD.

DVD thoughts 8-18-2014

I bought Vampire Academy on Blu-ray. I liked it a lot on a second viewing.  It is not great but it is fun and sometimes pretty funny.  There probably won’t be a sequel.

The korean thriller the Suspect is good.  This is about a former North Korean soldier who has defected to South Korea.  He gets involved in a muder plot. The action sequences are pretty good.

Batman Assualt on Arkham was decent. I am not sure why it was not better but maybe the next DC Universe animated movie will be better. Maybe the Suicide Squad needs one or more heroic members mixed in with the villains.

Amazing Spider-man 2 is out tomorrow. I will probably get it. Maybe it will seem better on DVD.

This is a good movie and it is better than I thought it would be on re-watch. That is a nice surprise. The songs are good but not great and the camoes by Josh Groban and Celine Dion are fun.

This movie features the Muppets being duped into going on a world tour. The most dangerous frog in the world, Constantine, replaces Kermit and with the help of Dominic Badguy(Rickey Gervias), they are using the tour to cover a series of robberies. Keremit is in a Soviet Gulag.

I am not a fan of Ricky Gervias. If he never makes another movie with the Muppets or never works with them again, that will be okay by me.  If I never see him again, that also might be okay with me.

Ty Burrell, best known for his role on Modern Family has fun as the French Interpol officer working with Sam the Eagle.  If Burrell works with the Muppets again, that would be okay with me. Actually it would be more than okay with me.

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