Field of Dreams re-watched

Is this Kevin Costner’s best film? Maybe not but it might be one of his top five. I thought Dance of Wolves, which might be considered his best, was dull but I was younger then, maybe I’d like it better now.

This is a movie about a man, Ray (Costner) who hears a mysterious voice and then he builds a baseball field in his Iowa cornfield. After the field is built, the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson comes. Later more players from the past, including the other 1919 White Sox players, come and play baseball.

The mysterious voice is not done.  Ray travels to Chicago to find a reclusive writer played by James Earl Jones.

It is a good movie. Costner is really right for his part, and James Earl Jones was good. Amy Madigan was good as Costner’s wife too. It was Burt Lancaster’s last film.

I didn’t quite get why one character couldn’t see the ball players but then suddenly he could.  Maybe there was a plot point I missed.


the Hobbit the Battle of the Five Armies

This should not have been not three movies. It is been said before but turning the Hobbit into a trilogy was a cash grab. I guess I am guilty of supporting the cash grab by going to the last movie. I am  feeling a little franchise fatigue.

The movie is good, not great. There is a nearly 45 minute battle at the end. It got a little long and well the voice of Billy Connelly as a dwarf shouldn’t be as a big a highlight as it was.

Biblo Baggins, the Hobbit, is a bit off to the side in this last movie. The movie needed more of him.  Martin Freeman is good as Biblo but he needed more to do. The rest of the cast is fine.

It was nice to see (and hear) Christopher Lee again. Even if his scene and Gandalf for the last two movies are part of the franchise bloat.

The love triangle plays out. Tolkien did not write love triangles. I am not calling him unromantic, he had a family, but love triangles were not something he wrote about and I wonder why the series needed one.

This was not one of the best films of the year. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was better.

Maybe someday someone will remake the Hobbit into 2 movies.

Movie thoughts 12-19-2014

It is sad that the movie the Interview is being pulled from theaters. Maybe those threats against theaters showing the movie were not serious. How could the theaters take that risk though? Also the hack of Sony pictures is unlike anything we’ve seen in years or ever.

I feel that the movie year was pretty good. The worst movie i saw was the Legend of Hercules. It was bad but maybe not memorably bad,   I mean I might remember as bad but not like one of the worst films of the past five years or ten years.

I didn’t go to the third Night of the Museum movie. I think two of those is enough, I have not felt the urge to re-watch either one in years. Also I am not sure if I want to see Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt again yet or in another movie.

Top Five

Top Five, Chris Rock’s new film, is pretty good. I enjoyed it a lot. It was funny. It is about a famous actor and comedian wanting to do more serious work.

It is a bit odd when Adam Sandler has a cameo playing himself but Rock is not playing himself.  It might be a long time since their SNL days. A couple of plot points seemed a bit far-fetched but this is Rock’s best movie. There is a mention of Bill Cosby in passing that maybe should have been edited out.

None of the trailers before Top Five were really good. I think there were six trailers and I only want to go to one of the movies (Into the Woods) previewed.  Kevin Hart has another movie coming out in January, he is really busy. Hart had a cameo as the agent of Rock’s character.

It was good to see Tracy Morgan. This might have been his last performance filmed before that wreck. He might never be the same again. It is kind a shame he doesn’t have more to do.


TV thoughts 12-13-2014

Undateable will return in March 2015. That is good news. I like it a lot.  Bridget Mendler is joining the cast, it will be her first non Disney role (I think).

The mid-season finales for the Flash and Arrow were good. It was good to see Firestorm in the Flash episode.  It was nice to have the murder of Sara solved, even if I didn’t like the solution. There is a good cliffhanger at the end of the episode.

The mid-season finale of the Vampire Diaries was good too. I am a fan, apparently.  I am not sure why vampire blood won’t cure cancer, it seems to cure everything else.

There is no news on when Community is coming back.

I am not that excited about the last Hobbit movie

I am not that excited about the last Hobbit movie. I haven’t even listened to the whole soundtrack yet.  (Yes, I bought the soundtrack).

I enjoyed the first two movies in this series. I thought the first took a bit too long to get started but I still liked it. (I think about eight minutes could be cut from that movie.) The second movie was not much shorter but it got off to a quicker start, so I liked it more.

I am planning to see the last Hobbit movie but I feel I should be more excited about it.  Maybe I am not excited because I think the series could have been done in 2 movies.  A friend said something similar to me.

Or maybe I am bit movied out. It is getting close to the end of the year and it has been a good year but I do go to a lot of films.  I still haven’t seen Foxcatcher.

The Hobbit the Battle of the Five Armies opens in less than a week.  I hope it is good.  I don’t like that title but at the moment I cannot think of one I’d like better. Maybe “Journey’s End” would be okay.

the Fantastic Four Remake or Reboot

What is up with the Fantastic Four remake or reboot or whatever,  Adjectives like low tech and realistic are being used to describe it.  Low-tech?  Are you kidding, the Fantastic Four has always been high tech.

The casting of Michael B Jordan as the Human Torch is controversial. I am not sure I would have done it but he’s a good actor.

I like Miles Teller but he seems a bit boyish to be Reed Richards.  Maybe that is what the producers/writers/director want though.   He is often good.

It seems a bit odd that there is not more promotion of the movie yet. There is a trailer for Star Wars the Force Awakens and that doesn’t open for a year.  There is a trailer for Avengers and that movie does not open for six months and the trailer came out over a month ago. There has not been a Fantastic Four trailer yet.

Batman v Superman has released photos from the set. That doesn’t come out for another 13 months or so.  There has not been much released from the Fantastic Four reboot.  Is Fox hidding the movie?