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Theere are reports that Matt Damon will be Jason Bourne again. That surprises me a little.  I thought he felt that there was nothing left to do with the character. He was not bored wih the character.

Paul Greengrass will direct. This new film will be the fourth film he has made with Damon.  I thought he wanrted to take a break from working with Damon after three straight films together. I guess that film with Tom Hanks, Captain Philips, was a good break

I guess Jeremy Renner will get not another chance to headline a Bourne movie. I was hopping that a second movie with him as Aaron Cross could be pretty good.

Damon back as Bourne could be good.  The triology was pretty good.

I will probably have more thoughts about this later.




Movie thoughts 9-16-2014

Too much comic relief is apparently something I want movies to avoid.  I used that phrase, too much comic relief, a lot in blog postings.  I think I started to worry about movies having too much comic relief after the second Transformers movie.

This has been a good year for movies so far. It has been a few down weeks recently.  I have not been to a movie in 2 weeks or maybe 3 weeks.

Tina Fey has a new movie opening, This is Where I Leave You. It looks decent. I am still not a big fan of hers but Jason Bateman co-stars.  Maybe it will be good.

The Maze Runner opens this weekend. I am not too interested yet. I have not decided to skip it, I am still considering it.  Early reviews are good but there are not a lot of them yet.

Blast from the Past re-watched

Blast from the Past is good. I had not seen the movie in a few years before this year.  It started a little slow but once Adam meets Eve, it picks up.  It has a good soundtrack. Some of the songs were retro.

Brendan Fraser was really good as the naive Adam.  Alicia Silverstone was never more likeable than she was as Eve. Dave Foley was fun in a supporting role. Christopher Walken was fun as Adam’s father.

A young Nathan Fillion is on hand as a creep. I almost didn’t recognize him for a second.

This was fun to re-watch.

This holds up pretty well on repeat viewing. This is as good as any film in the Marvel cinematic universe.  I guess switching directors worked.

Chris Evans is irreplaceable as Steve Rogers/Captain America. Anthony Mackie is a good addition to the cast as Sam Wilson/the Falcon. Scarlet Johanss0n deserves her own film as Natasha Romanoff the Black Widow.

The plot is easy to follow. It was also interesting how easily Mackie’s Falcon is brought into the movie. (His wings/flight suit is impressive.) It also makes a major change to the status quo of the Marvel Cinematic universe.

The villains are good. It might be nice see a few of them come back in later films. Sebastan Stan is good as the Winter Soldier but he is off the screen a lot and for a long time, he is just sort of a thug, even if he is an interesting/capable one.


Movie Thoughts 9-12-2014

There are talks of a Supteme movie.  Supreme is Rob Liefeld’s knock off of Superman.  The issues by Alan Moore were great, they were essentially a homage to the Silver age Superman. Outside of Moore’s time with the character, the character has not been very memorable. .Supreme would be a superhero movie that is not from DC or Marvel.

A Walk Among the Tombstones, based on the Mathew Scudder novel by Lawrence Block, comes out next week. It looks good. Liam Neeson should be good in the lead role.  It also looks pretty grim bur the books by Lawrence Block are pretty grim.

The Drop might be the last film of James Gandolfini(I don’t think he was working on another film before he died), and he played a mobster again. His perfomance is getting good reviews and the movie itself is getting decent review.  Maybe I sould see it.

The Outsiders the Complete Novel is out on Blu-Ray. (It has been on DVD for a while.) This is about 23 minutes than the original theatrical version. It is pretty good. Director Francis Ford Copella revised the movie in 2005.

This is based on the classic novel by S. E. Hinton. It is set in 1965 Tulsa. There are greasers, poor kids from the North side and the rich kids, the Socs, from the South side. They hate each other.

This movie has a really good cast. Ralph Macchio is really good as the scared Johnny. C. Thomas Howell was good as Poneyboy. Diane Lane was the major actress in the movie. Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez, Patrick Swayze, and Rob Lowe all co-star. Matt Dillion looks shockingly young.

I haven’t seen the original movie in a few years, so I can’t say how much better this version is. There is a good review on DVD Verdict. Apparently Robb Lowe’s character Sodapop comes across better in this version.

TV thoughts September 2014

David Hyde Pierce and Kelsey Grammer were really good on Fraiser.  I watched a few episodes on Netflix recently and I guess I forgot how good the show was.  the last episode of the first season was really good.

Modern Family comes back this month. I thought there were a few bad episodes last season but I am still looking forward to the new season.

I tried a few episodes of Party Down on Hulu, Adam Scott’s show before Parks and Recreation.  Adam Scott was good but the rest of the cast didn’t appeal to me.  Maybe the show got better.


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