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Movie thoughts 7-21-2014

Hercules opens Friday. I wonder how many people will go. Will this be the movie that becomes a franchise for Dwayne Johnson?

Sex Tape bombed. It looked bad and critics enjoyed or seemed to enjoy ripping the plot holes. If the movie was better, the critics would be kinder about the plot holes.

Fewer people went to the Purge sequel than went to the original. Maybe good word of mouth will get more people to the theaters next weekend. The sequel got decent reviews.

Guardians of the Galaxy opens next week. I hope it is good.

Marvel studios executive Kevin Fierge finally talked about Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man. He did not anything too interesting but I guess he had to something.

TV thoughts 7-19-2014

NBC has struggled with sitcoms the last few years.  I think they have canceled 6 sitcoms in the last two years and I think five of them were on the air for less than 2 years.  NBC used to have great success with sitcoms, I wonder why they’re struggling lately.

Tom Selleck has not a new Jesse Stone tv movie in 2 years.  I hope he will have another one. Those movies are good. I haven’t read many of the books by Robert B. Parker that the series is bassed on but I think Parker liked Selleck’s performance.

Also Mark Harmon has not made another Lucas Davenport tv movie. Maybe they won’t be another one. It is a shame, Harmon was good as Davenport.  I remember reading the ratings were good, so why hasn’t there been another movie?


This movie is good. It is not great but I thought a sequel could have been good.  It looks like there will be not a sequel.

Chris Pine stars as Jack Ryan, the CIA agent and hero of Tom Clancy novels.  This movie is a reboot and it shows Jack in his first adventure. Kevin Costner is on hand in a supporting role. Keira Knightley is on hand as the love interest. There is a subplot where she suspects Jack is cheating on her.

Kenneth Branagh is the Russian villain.  He has a plan to destroy the American economy by causing the dollar to collapse. This would also hurt some other economies. Some of the details might have escaped me.

The action sequences were good. Pine is a likeable hero. He is not the best actor to play Jack Ryan but I thought he did a good job. It might have been fun to see some of his training.


Sam Wilson, the Falcon, will take over for Captain America. This will happen in October.  This is the third replacement Captain America storyline since 1982 and the second one in the last ten years, so I take it with a grain of salt.  However maybe the story will be good.  It shouldn’t be a big deal that the new Captain America is black in 2014.

Thor will be replaced by a woman. This seems a bit odd that Thor and Captain America are getting replaced at the same time. Thor once turned into a frog in the 1980s and he was replaced once or twice.

Oddly, the Hulk hasn’t been replaced in a long time.  Iron Man was replaced a couple of times, once with a teenage verison of himself from an alternate timeline.(Yes, that happened.) I cannot remember when the Hulk was last replaced. Maybe he’s next.

Wolverine is supposed to die. Yeah, right.

None of these changes at Marvel last very long. Maybe a lessor known character can stay dead or be replaced butsome of the more notable ones cannot really stay dead. Marvel just did replaced Spider-man and he was back within two years.


Sex Tape is getting bad reviews. Jason Segel cowrote it, so if the reviews are right, he is more at fault than Cameron Diaz. One review suggests that Segel is not good. Wow, he cannot write decent material for himself. (Okay, that might be a bit mean spirited.)

There is new trailer for Big Hero Six. I think that movie is going to be a lot of fun. It looks like it might be really good.  I might go even if my brother’s kids don’t want to see it. I think that they will want to see it.

The Purge Anarchy opens this week.  The first Purge was a big hit on a low budget but some critics said it was just another home invasion thriller. The sequel looks a bit different and it got some decent reviews. I wonder if it will be a hit. I am not sure I buy the centeral concept.

Hercules opens in a week. Guardians of the Galaxy in two weeks.  I will probably see both. I am not sure if I want to see Lucy.


Undateable was a short lived NBC sitcom. It lasted 13 episodes. I have seen 5 episodes and I think the show had potential. It was burned off by NBC and it will not be back.

The show is set in Detriot and it features two roommates, Danny (Chris D’Elia) and Justin (Brent Morin). Justin owns a bar but I am not sure what Danny does. (Maybe he is between jobs.)  For the first few episodes I think Danny was trying to teach Justin to be a ladies man.

The show switched gears and became more of an odd couple type show.  I think that was a good change. The wacky adventures of mismatched roommates can be fun.  They have a supporting cast including  Justin’s friends and Danny’s sister (Bianca Kajlich).

The cast was good and I liked some of the physical jokes.  Justin would sing sometimes and I like corny things like that.  I think it could have gotten better in a second season.



Mixology was an ABC sitcom and it might have been a train wreck. It was created by two of the writers of the Hangover. At times it was pretty bad.  It is on Netflix and I’ve  sampled a few episodes.

The concept was the 13 episode season took place in a bar during one night and ten characters would met and pair off. On the face of it, that is not the worst concept. Although maybe the concept would work better with a smaller cast.  However the execution of the concept could have been better.

Besides the concept, another concern was the characters and their dialouge. Some of the characters came across as awful people at first. One character, Bruce, I think was meant to be a Barney Stinston type but the actor lacks Neil Patrick Harris’ charm. Also some of Bruce’s dialouge is ugly and mean spirited. The word bitch is used repeatedly in a early episode.  I am not sure if it is supposed to be edegy but it is not funny.

However it is not always terrible and some of the characters get more likable as the series progresses.  Also it is fun to see more of the characters interact. There are a few moments that made me laugh and a few more that made me smile. I think this show could have been better.  I think the tone was a bit too harsh at first and some people probably checked out after episode 3 or 4.

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