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TV Thoughts 10-21-2014

Mulaney is not terrible. It is not good either. The pilot was pretty bad but the next two episodes were less terrible,  Ratings are not good, it might be gone by New Years.

Gotham is a mess. I am not sure if it will get better or not. There are some parts that are interesting but it moves fairly slowly. That mob war has been hinted at since the show started but nothing much has happened yet.  I will give it a few more episodes.

Modern Family has been a little down this year.  None of the episodes have been terrible this season but none have been outstanding either.  I hope it picks up soon.

I started watching the Vamire Diaries on Netflix. It is oddly compelling.  It is probably bad in an objective sense but it is fun.  This is not Buffy or Angel. Also Nina Dobrev is really pretty, maybe someday she can be on a better show or in a movie. 

DC movie plans

Warner Brothers has released the list of their proposed superhero movies between 2016 and 2020. It is a long list. There are some interesting things about the list. I guess things could change depending on the success or lack of success of the first films.

Suicide Squad is the second movie after Batman v Superman. That is surprising. That movie could be interesting.

Wonder Woman is slated to get her own movie before the Justice League movie. That seems like a wise move and it will interesting to see the response to the movie.

Ezra Miller will be the Flash. I like Grant Gustin from the TV series but maybe Miller will be good. Also maybe the role will be a bit less comedic in movies.

Jason Mamoa will be Aquaman. He was not good in the Conan movie. He was not terrible but he seemed, to me at least, to lack star power.

The TV and movie universes are seperate.

Neil Patrick has a new autobiography. It is a “Choose Your Own Autobiography”. That is a fun gimmick inspired by the old Choose Your Own Adventure books.

At the end of each chapter there is an option to go to one page or another. One example is “if you want to expierence a happy childhood go here.” On the same page there is “if you want to have a terrible childhood that you can overcome, go here”.

Even without the gimmick, this would be an interesting autobiography. Patrick has been in movies, had two hit TV shows, and has performed on broadway. He also survived being a child star and never went bonkers. He also came out.

It is worth reading, I think. Maybe a conventional autobiography would have been nice but this is still pretty good.

Movie thoughts 10-12-2014

I did not go to a movie this weekend. I might go to one next weekend.

Dracula Untold looked like it would be decent at best. Reviews suggest decent might be a bit generous. Maybe I will check it out on cable or Netflix.

The Judge didnot look much better. Maybe it might be okay to watch some day on cable.

There will be a Lego Batman movie on the big screen. Well, that could be fun. Lego movies might become a franchise.

Whiplash is getting good reviews. This is the story of the music student being pushed hard by his music teacher. This looks like a musical boot camp.

Well, it is official. There will be a new Ghostbusters movie. Paul Fieg , of the Heat and Bridesmaids,will direct. The writer from the Heat will do the script.

This will be an all female team.  I am not sure why that is considered a gimmick but it is considered a gimmick. I guess this could work. No casting has been really discussed and no idea on when the movie would start filming.

This will apparently be a total reboot. That might work. The original Ghostbusters are kind of old and even before Harold Ramis’ death, it might have been sad to see the team in action. Maybe a reteaming of the classic cast could have worked fifteen years or maybe twenty years ago.


I liked the season three premiere of Arrow. It  was good to see Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer. It was also nice to see most of the regulars back, Willa Holland’s Thea is the major missing character.  I was hopping for fewer flashbacks but that is apparently not to be, at least not yet.

I liked the second episode of From A to Z. Maybe it is not great but it has some fun moments.  I think it might be better than  a lot of this year’s new sitcoms. So far, so good.

Forever is starting off fairly well. Ioan Gruffud is good in the lead role as the immortal medical examiner, Henry. It is good to see Judd Hirsh in a supporting role. Maybe it will never be more than diverting. The flashbacks don’t bother me yet.

I am watching a lot more TV shows this year.

The Flash premiere

The Flash premiered last night. It was fun, It seems to be off to a good start. (I am going to try to avoid any fast puns.)

Grant Gustin stars as Barry Allen, a CSI tech in Central City. After a freak accident, he gets super speed powers.  He has assistance from Star Labs.

The first villain up is the Weather Wizard. His powers look goofy on TV.  Captain Cold and Heatwave are scheduled for later this season. So is the Pied Piper but not so far the Trickster.

Stephen Amell’s brief cameo was nice.  I think this show will be fun. It is nice to see Tom Cavenaugh in a supporting role. It was good to see John Wesley Shipp(from the CBS Flash series) as Barry’s father. Jessie Martin stars as Barry’s foster-father, detective West.

I thought it was a good pilot. Gustin is good in this part.


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